Can you put too much rosin on a bow? – How To Play The Violin Step By Step

A-Yes. No.

Q-Are you afraid the arrows will fly you into a tree?

A-No, never mind the arrow is too small. No, I was going back up to the bow.

Q-But the arrows will never fly you in a tree?

A-No. [Puts an arrow in his bow] [Shot, but misses.]

Q-Why didn’t you get up to the bow?

A-No, [shot, but again misses.]

Q-Why did you wait so long?

A-Why did I wait? I am going down to the river. Oh, and don’t give me any presents. There’s nothing to come down. There! There! I’ll come down. I’ll come down. [Shoots the arrow down and lands on the bank of the river.

Q-You shot down another arrow?

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A-Yes, another.

Q-Did you tell your father where you’d shot the bow?

A-Oh, yes. Yes, he saw it on the ground.

Q-Did your father give you any presents?

A-Yes, with his sword in the hand, he had a little knife. This is a little cake and a little cup—the old man always had the old man’s stuff.

Q-And who gave you the old man’s stuff?

A-I gave it to him; it was all I had left.

Q-You gave it to him, did you not?

A-I told him I had the money.

Q-Well, then, you gave it to your father?

A-Yes, [shot, but misses.]

Q-Well, you didn’t give the money and you didn’t give your father anything but old man stuff?

A-I couldn’t give it—I couldn’t. I would have given it to him, but I couldn’t; I couldn’t.

Q-But what gave you the money?

A-The money came at last—after I had been waiting for hours to get it. This is from the bank. Yes, it is from the bank. There are lots of old people in the bank; I’m the grandpapa. You know, I am like a bird looking for a nest—I would rather be a dove in

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