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I am not the biggest tuner on earth, but I have found that fine tuners (such as the F=3 and E=4) greatly reduce the overall volume of the violin. However, the tone does not improve noticeably with a fine tuner. While a large tuning wheel may be a good thing that increases overall volume, for me it makes the violin sound tinny and out of tune.

Are all high-tech instruments made similarly? If so, which can you recommend?

Yes, all instruments are made very differently. A large tuning wheel, for example, will only make the instrument look better. Most tuning wheels are made of metal, and a large wheel increases overall volume, but not significantly. There are many “super-sized” tuning wheels, such as the C=20 and C=34, which are large enough (at least 30mm) to completely eliminate the tinny sound. The main difference with modern instruments is that many are made by companies in other countries – it’s a worldwide industry, so there is not one global high end tuning wheel to choose from.

If you are a player and need to modify a violin, do you know of any tuning companies that can help?

Unfortunately, I don’t have a recommendation for which tuning companies can help. Many people have been hurt by tuning companies that overdrive their instruments, and many people prefer that an instrument be tuned with a “good, safe, reliable” company for repairs. If you can’t afford to take a chance on a company, I would recommend that your player have no more than a handful of instrument and adjuster repairs over the lifetime of the instrument. It’s not worth the risk. Some violin players have had good, reliable tuning companies that have had problems. If you are one of these, I recommend going to your local music shop and asking about the repair options. You may not get a satisfactory response, but at least you are not spending hundreds of dollars at this expense to have a really nice, safe, and reliable instrument.

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