Do violins improve with age? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson 7

In a word, yes. They get better the more they’re played and over the years, their tonal qualities come to reflect how much more time a violin has been played.

But it also depends on the player’s skills and temperament. I don’t know that violins age much. It may be that with good technique and playing, a violin can look much young. Of course, there are very few violinists who would say so, but I know enough violins to know that they’ve learned the same things they did on a younger instrument. I have two basses, both aged six or eight, and they each have their own age, but even with two instruments, I still find my younger model to be noticeably smoother, more clear and less obtuse than my older one. And my older model has just enough character and depth to make it exciting.

So I think, in general, violins can age, but they only wear their age away over time. It’s not a life event.

The other great thing about violins is that they have been around long enough that they have been designed out of many different materials and sizes across hundreds of years. The most modern instruments today, the ones we sell, are all made of wood, and some of them are almost as old as the first violin.

So it only takes the best materials and the best techniques to make a very good instrument. And I think that is the great secret of the violin. As they age, they get smoother and their tone grows more vivid.

So now I want to talk about how a violin’s tone comes in to play. The tone is the most important part of the performance. It’s not only about making a violin sound good, it’s also about the way the instrument is played. The way a violin is played affects not only how it sounds, but what it sounds like. And I will try to go over the different ways of playing the violin well and how they can make the sound even more exciting.

Let’s start with the basics. I have found that playing very slow and controlled on the violin is one of the most important things when it comes to how a violin sounds. Some people say it adds more presence. I don’t agree. I think a violin should be played in full speed. There really isn’t any place in violin playing where it is not an important part of the performance. Playing at a slow speed means using all the tools at our disposal. You must

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