Does a violin get better with age? – Learn Piano For Kids Numbers And Math

I don’t think so, no. I’ve seen some good young violinists over the years who could play great, the way Paul McCartney did before it was time for his death, and I thought he was a much better player then than he is now. But for the most part, I don’t think they get better.”

In a rare interview with American writer Michael Phillips in the May 2011 issue of The New Yorker (on which one of the best pieces I’ve read has just recently appeared) D’Amore went further still in the interview, telling American novelist and critic Jonathan Franzen “there’s nothing that will replace the experience of playing the violin.”

Phillips has a good anecdote in the piece about this particular remark — it was D’Amore’s first big break with the US press — and the interview is one of the best articles ever on D’Amore and the violin that I have ever seen. Here is a fragment from what Phillips told Franzen: “He told me a story about when a newspaper reporter asked him to play in a big concert in San Francisco. Then, while he was playing the bassoon, his wife suddenly said, ‘Listen, he’s doing fine.’ After a beat of silence, he said, ‘No, she wouldn’t know. She wouldn’t know.’ The same thing happened to D’Amore when the Times asked him to play a gig. ‘When I went up and I walked down the hall toward the audience, the audience was coming up to the side of the stage to look at me. When I came to the front, the audience had all the way to the front of the stage.’

“The violin in that piece is a bit like someone coming to the end of your playing. One of the main lessons of the violin is that it must die when you begin, and D’Amore is doing the same.”

Here is a bit of a paraphrase which I have been meaning to post for a while — it was actually D’Amore’s first appearance in the New Yorker, where he is described as a “young and untested violinist” — but I decided to leave it out for brevity’s sake:

“It does die when you begin to learn the violin, although I did experience that for a while by being a sort of child prodigy, playing a few tunes and then getting all the way through to the final chord. My wife would be there at the end, and I did get up

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