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You’ve got to be joking!”

“We make violins, because our music needs to be heard.”

“Yeah, but who’s playing violins at the RAC? Can’t you play some piano on your ukulele?”

“No. I only play guitar, ukulele, and strings for the group. We’re the only violinists in the group.”

“So there’s no violinist, and there are all the pianists?”

“You’ll hear the pianists before this concert, but we’ll be all in one place. You know the rules.”

“Oh, those who can play the guitar better than I do.”

“Maybe, but it’s our passion; not your job to do so.”

“No, I’m the drummer. You know that. And not in my job description anyway.”

“So there’s two drummers, plus you.”

They laugh.

“You’re not my manager, that’s for sure. And I’m sure that I never had an audition with that.”


Benjaminjunggang is an older man who plays the ukulele and violin for the band. There was a time when he played in a band in New York called the Kew Gardens Band and did not think there was anything interesting about his job. There were no professional musicians in New York, so he chose to be a drummer, playing the drums with a band which had only members of his age in it and a band of kids who were just barely out of high school. His experience during the ’60s was that most of the time he was playing with other kids. He had more interesting things to think of then play drums in a band and his job description took some getting used to. He still played and drummed in a band when he was 23 and he still plays the ukulele and violin on tour. When asked why he plays a ukulele as opposed to a violin he says, “That’s because I like music more when it’s a good story.”

“How did you meet your wife?”

“Well, she’s a writer. I know a lot about the arts and she liked the idea. She liked the idea that I’d take an interest in music and she liked the idea that I’d write my musical ideas down and play music.”

“Oh, I

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