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And don’t you forget to pick up a set of violins while you are there.

What’s in it for you?

What a fun and relaxing weekend on the riverside! We all wanted to go! Here are pics and descriptions from our guide :).

Please make the most of this tour, while it is in it’s “good” form!!

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This was our first time visiting the North and Central Rivers. We had not planned to do this in July, but with the weather we thought it was worth the detour and fun and a bit of exercise. What we saw on our trip could not have been any more beautiful!! The beautiful and wild waterfalls and small villages. It is a beautiful area.

The North Rivers are surrounded by mountains in a picturesque valley. There are a lot of different landscapes in these valleys but, most of the beauty is the rivers in the valley that flow through. There you will find several beautiful little streams – a small waterfall, a small river that may be small, a stream with large waterfalls or the bigger and stronger torrents.

The Central Rivers have a more rural feel though, and have different scenery. There are no towns and no big cities. We saw a few villages and an old school, though this area is not all about the rivers. The scenery of the rivers also is a great highlight of the journey and something I love. I really enjoyed the little village of Hohmann. They have some nice pictures to get you excited about this area and are a great place to stop on the way.

We also found a nice place near the border that has great scenery!

We had an amazing time on our trip out on the river with the help of our guide. We saw so many incredible sights from the riverside. We saw all the river, and a few mountain streams that make the beautiful scenery. Some people say it is hard to find a nice location with rivers and valleys and I know many people would like to see this area and the beauty of it again and perhaps the best location is where do they start. This is where the North Rivers are. I have spent the past 10 years with Yamaha so I know what the North Rivers are about so we spent a lot of time in the area. That area is a great location in this beautiful valley with a beautiful river.
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So, what will we explore next?


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