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It’s really hard to get an A+ in anything,” says Brian Wansink, the violinist who will be attending an audition event at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston beginning Monday.

Wansink, a member of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and president of the Boston Collegiate Music Foundation, will be one of nearly 7,000 people who will audition to be members of the Boston Symphony.


“Once you get into a conservatory or symphony, there’s no going back if you want to go and do what you love to do professionally,” says Wansink. “You cannot give up what you are doing.”

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Wansink says that playing violin and playing live has made him the person he is today, even though it was a hobby he didn’t get to pursue while growing up in suburban Haverhill.

“Vocational classes were a hobby for me,” he says. “I grew up in the 70s and 80s. I never played the violin. At one point, I wanted to play and I would bring a recorder, but it was a difficult thing to do.”

Since then, through a combination of hard work and his passion for music, he has been able to take part in several orchestras around the United States, and in 2010, was among the finalists to make Symphony Boston the first orchestra in the country to award a Rhodes scholarship to an aspiring violinist.

This year, Symphony Boston will have two auditions in all. One will be held at the Museum of Fine Arts’ “Center for Contemporary Art” in Boston, and it will feature violinists David S. Williams, a music professor at the University of Kansas, and Pauline R. Williams, an attorney.

“These are a very large ensemble, very diverse,” said Peter Mowry, Symphony Boston’s general manager.


The other audition will be held at the Cipriano Theater in downtown Boston, where musicians with backgrounds in dance and theater will compete for a private concert.

Among those scheduled to be in attendance are Michael Kostya, who recently received a Master’s degree in dance as well as a Bachelor’s degree in performance studies at the University of Arizona, and Robert G. Koehler, a pianist and author who is an associate

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