How hard is a violin to learn? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson 4 Percent

I’m very nervous when I play in my room at night. It gives me anxiety to perform. When I play in the street I’m much easier and faster when I practice in my room. I have to be careful with my tone when I play outdoors. I’m very nervous.

What was the reason to take the violin for this solo project?

I am looking for a new creative method of expression, I believe I have become tired of just being a musician and making my music. I’m interested to see if I can create something that can transcend my career as an artist as well as an individual. I’m also looking for an outlet for my creativity. My passion for music and the feeling of music have been a part of who I am as an artist for many years. I want the world to have more and more ways to express themselves through music.

Why did you decide to make the violin for this solo project?

For me, this solo is my life, as it is my work. The most important factor for me is that I want to bring my music to an audience in a new and interesting way. To be the best at what you do, it’s important to learn from everyone in your genre, it’s important for you to play your best. It’s important to have the right instrument for that situation.

What was the idea behind using only a black and white piano as your soundboard or the use of acoustic samples?

I’m very aware of the influence of the black and white sound of the early days of music. I wanted to find a music that has very specific sounds, just like my own music. The first inspiration for this solo came from playing on my own violin in the street. I played with my brother in the street. All the sounds in my music have a certain sound about them, and my violin was something that I felt comfortable playing on my own.

What instrument would you consider the main factor for why you needed to bring this solo to life?

Most of the sounds I chose for this solo are very organic sounding; there is a certain kind of “feel” to them. The violin is a great way to use all of these sounds. At the same time I think its important for me to focus on my sound if I want to push myself as a musician. This is not about the technical aspects of how I play the violin. This is about my emotions.

What instruments/instruments influenced your choice of instrument

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