How long should you practice violin? – Suzuki Violin Timeline

You can practice as long as you feel motivated. The only things you do now are to make sure you will be able to practice again at a later date.

How does learning music feel?
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It feels like a beautiful thing in a way.

Is it easy to play good music? Can you play any piece that you are not good at?

Yes. You have to practice every day on the piano. It can be a lot of practice though, because you often cannot play something without trying. In comparison to playing a piece in a room, though, you have to practice that piece for a long time.

What are the best instruments I can play?

You don’t have to choose the best instrument. You can play anything.

What is a great piano tutor?

A pianist can be a very useful person. There are people around you to explain to you how a piano sounds and how you can get better. The best piano tutor and teachers don’t only help you play better. They will listen to you and try to improve you. They will also show you how not to play or how to better play something.

Are I good at playing a piece?

Yes! If anyone asks you, you can give a quick answer. You could say you are good at fingering a piece or the notes of a piece. You can give the answer again in a couple of moments, but you could also give a better one, which will be even better.

Who is the best piano teacher?

If someone is asking you a long time a question, it doesn’t mean you are bad at it. There may be very good teachers that will give you a really good answer. There are great teachers around you.

What is the best song a pianist can play?

If you have the patience to listen, you could say all kinds of great songs could be played. I can play lots of great songs, but I also can play a lot of bad ones. I don’t really want to do too much bad stuff.

Do I have to use keys?

Yes. When you become better, you will be able to learn more keys.

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