How much does a flute cost? – How To Learn Piano Online Free

How much does it cost to buy it?

You will find the answer in my flute calculator! It shows exactly how much it costs to buy a flute.

Here’s an example, based on my personal price guide on ebay:

Flute size Price Price to purchase 5 flutes for one person $200.00 11 flutes for one person $700.00 31 flutes for one person $1,000.00 Flute value 1 flute $0.33 $5.00 Flute values are based on the most current seller prices on ebay. A flute that is more valuable to someone (higher price) may give you a significantly higher price than a flute that is less valuable. Prices are based on ebay listings only.

I am not a flute connoisseur and therefore have no way of determining whether a flute is better or worse than the last one you shopped for, as most are not really good in the same way as the last one. That said, I would definitely suggest you go with the higher quality flutes for the high price tag.

The final price is in direct relation to the manufacturer’s price. You will find many manufacturers online that will even give you the price for the model. So you get the best pricing around as they are all selling a similar product. My only requirement was that the price I wanted to pay must be “fair”. This means that any flutes that are significantly out of range in the value/quality range will be discounted!

The reason we need a flute calculator is that it is far easier to compare prices of different models that you want to buy.

Please note that some of the manufacturers that sell on ebay tend to price their flutes differently than the ones in Europe. Therefore, it is often harder to compare prices with foreign manufacturers. Please try to keep an eye out for the price difference between different manufacturers.

What are the differences between flutes?

Flutes vary in the flute shape. Some have a curved flute, others have a flat flute…

Flutes come in a multitude of shapes and sizes.

Flutes have a wide range of diameters, and sizes.

Flutes are all designed for the same things and have the same shape, but all have the same value.

As a flute gets older it tends to get harder to create the correct shape and size.


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