How much does a Stradivarius violin cost? – Is It Hard To Learn Violin Beginner Lesson 6

The Stradivarius violin was initially made from wood, but today it is a combination of carbon fibre (the core) and titanium (the string). The metal alloy is used to improve the string strength, to improve the durability of the wood and to create the colour that we associate with a Stradivarius. The price of a Stradivarius violin is about £20,000 USD if it is used. Most manufacturers of Stradivarius instruments will offer a warranty on their instruments so that consumers can have their Stradivarius instrument insured to protect the instrument from wear and tear.

Can I get my Stradivarius instrument professionally tuned?

Yes, a professional Stradivarius violin should be used for formal performances of Bach. But it is important to understand that you are not simply tuning your violin to be a great sounding instrument for singing your favorite Bach compositions; you are tuning the instrument to produce the best sound that you could possibly play. The tuning of a Stradivarius is based on its tuning fork, that is, it plays the string by pressing the tuning peg, which is a tiny screw, which sits inside the fork. This is the same way that people tune their musical instruments, and therefore you should always have the fork on your instrument with you during your performances. Strings for the Stradivarius have an internal tone coil which produces a sound that is very close to “playing a Stradivarius”.

Does my Stradivarius violin last forever?

Yes, a Stradivarius should last for more than 10,000 days by its original supplier. However, the manufacturer has developed machines so that you can take your Stradivarius instrument back and repair the components which cause the instrument to lose its sound. A lot of time is taken up in the making and repairing of Stradivarius instruments, so they require regular servicing (see our detailed repair guide). But don’t think that you can buy this kind of quality Stradivarius instrument for only £300 – it’s more expensive than that!

How long will it take for a Stradivarius violin to sound great?

Once a Stradivarius violin is tuned up and tuned to its precise notes, it will sound great. However, after many years of playing a Stradivarius violin it will sound different to one played by someone who is not familiar enough with the instrument. That’s because the quality of sound that we feel we are able

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