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Viola Stradivari’s famous violin, the Violin Sonata, is the world’s most expensive instrument. On average, a Violin Sonata is around $80,000 — enough money to buy a beautiful villa.

This is very expensive, but you should be getting more than the violin itself is worth.

The Violin Sonata is one of a kind, so it can be the most expensive violin that ever sits in someone’s hand.

Viola, the famous violin maker, was the inspiration for famous musician, composer, and composer of the movie, “Jaws.”

To add to that, a Violin Sonata doesn’t just sit in your hand. It can also be part of a larger collection, like an opera, orchestra, or a private collection.

For every Violin Sonata and viola di se, a violin is sold.

How much do I need to learn or play a violin?

As you can see, you need to learn at least a few violin lessons and learn the following basics:


Inner neck layout with various shapes and sizes

Basic string placement

Strings don’t just sit right in your hands like a piano. If you want to play with your hands and make music, you need a more flexible, accurate, and responsive violin so you can react faster.

There is no right or wrong way to teach these skills.

The best method for getting the most out of your lesson, however, is to start out with more beginner-level music and gradually work your way up to more advanced classical lessons.

You can find many beginner-level, quality violins here:

These are great violins especially for starting out and will get you into proper technique and begin giving you confidence to take your playing to the next level.

How much money do I need to save for learning and playing a violin?

It’s a difficult question to answer because many different things can affect your decision.

Here are some of the factors you need to consider when shopping for a violin:

How long did you study for and how much did you learn?

How much will the violin cost if your goal is an individual violin?

Are you a first time violinist making a lot of money?

How much do you need

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