How much is a violin bow? – Violin Lessons

A simple question, really. We have to remember that a violin bow is a long string that is wound and twisted by an instrument.

The typical length of a violin bow is about one and a half feet, but that’s very likely to vary a little bit depending on the string. The best example you can think of is an oud, which is a string with a single hole in it. It may be a very thin string like a 12string or an oud, and that’s the case with the violin. Some instruments have a wider string (like a French horn) or a longer string (the E string in a guitar or the H string in a trombone). If you think of the violin as a string, and you’re like, “Oh man, I need this violin bow right away, so that I can play it!”, there’s a little reason for that, which is the length and strength of the string and the amount of tension a bow produces.

That said, some people find that a shorter string is an effective alternative if a longer one is too heavy for their playing style, or if they prefer a longer bow for some other reason. The shorter string is also easier on the hands. Longer strings are harder to bend, and are also less stable.

The most common violin bows of today are made with a 4- or 5-foot length, but you can always find a shorter bow like a 2- or 2.5-inch or 3- or 3 ½-foot string.

What is the best violin bow?

We tend to focus on the length of the string, so we focus on the length and thickness of the bow; which in turn, tends to narrow or expand depending on how soft your finger needs the string.

But what about the type of string being used—how soft it is? This is a little more complicated. And here’s where it gets complicated.

Depending upon the type of string you play with, it also affects the sound of the violin. So, the better the violin bows you play with the most in-tune string and the best tuning you use, the more likely you will get the same sound with a different string.

So, that’s your two questions.

1. What is the best violin bow?

2. What is the best violin bow?

That’s something we need to find out by testing the strings and getting a feel for them.

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