How much should I spend on my first violin? – Beginner Violin Sheet Music Popular Songs

Your budget: First, ask yourself what’s more important to you: learning the instrument or the experience? How much money or time do you prefer spending per month on this thing?

You should figure the answer to that part of the equation based on your priorities of learning and playing the instrument, but if you have specific time constraints to dedicate to a violin, it probably makes more sense to keep investing in the rest of your life.

I don’t know where violin lessons should be set up; it is really up to the parents.

I personally would strongly suggest giving your family a set up that is flexible enough for all of you to join in (even if it’s only one, you can always call in for lessons).

It means each of your children (and therefore, their parents) can get what they need within a reasonable timeframe. It also means the children won’t have a lack of motivation if something goes wrong.

Also, you’ll need to decide for the best time to offer private lessons or to go with family groups.

I’d highly recommend starting with a family group that focuses on your child’s skill level and develops a rapport with your family members. You’ll most likely be able to handle a few students at a time in family settings.

My parent’s are too busy to lend a hand for my first violin, but can we set up a time and place where they can join me?

Again, it’s really just a resource management issue: the amount of free time you have doesn’t necessarily equal your priority in terms of giving and helping your children learn. If you are not financially capable of helping your child, you may want to consider making a private arrangement with another family in your community that’s more dedicated to helping you with the instruments. I don’t want to make it sound like it’s impossible but it can be time consuming and expensive to set up, and the result isn’t sure, either! You’ll want to find a family that is in your area that’s more committed to their students than the one closest to you, even if they aren’t your own.

Also, I’d recommend that you ask your teacher on the condition that you can use their materials with your kids. You’ll end up with a much better lesson plan.

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My parents’ schedule is out of whack, how can we work together to have it more equitable?

Again, one of the main things you need to decide is what is most

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