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Once a week, three to four times a week, two times a week, once a month, no problem

There’s the typical teenage problem. You’re at your friends’ house, having a few beers around a campfire and singing your heart out. After awhile your guitar is sounding worse, your singing is losing notes and your voice is thinning. You start to panic and wonder if you might have heard voices playing through your headphones. But in these cases this isn’t really a problem at all, the problem is what to do about it. You feel anxious because what if someone hears your voice and takes it like you didn’t do it first? This is not a case of music therapy, as there’s no physical therapy involved, just some gentle techniques.
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Mostly, your approach should focus on listening and listening to yourself when you are feeling that way. You are not responsible for your own mental state, so it’s ok to think about how to keep music away from your mind while you’re having fun. There’s some other useful advice to help you to tune in or not to tune in.

How should you listen to music?

Music is not only good for you, it can help you to deal with some of your emotional problems. Listen to as much as you want, but don’t sit in your car in the dead of night and listen to music. If you have to be in the car at all, it should be music that is calming or pleasant to listen to, not some rock music or techno-pop. It’s best for us to find music that makes us feel safe. We can do this to a certain extent by choosing music that reflects our feelings. This means that if we are feeling sad, then an upbeat playlist will not be good enough. The same applies to our self-esteem problem. You should only listen to music that has a soothing feeling with no hard edges.

Music is also good for you to use for relaxation. While you are trying to remember to make it through the night, a soothing, relaxing music will help you move forward. We should always try to keep our mind and other faculties in focus. Sometimes this is difficult, but it’s very important. The mind is often at its most efficient when it’s not in motion and focusing on other things. If you have music that is soothing to hear while you relax, you’re doing your mind a real favor.

Is a music teacher more effective than a music therapy professional?

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