Is Cello harder than violin? – Easiest Way To Learn Vibrato On Violin

I wouldn’t say it’s harder that violin, really, you could play it as a stringed instrument or as a violin and it would become very, very easy, but it’s quite a difficult thing to do. And I don’t mean to be coy or to say that it could be easier than the sound a trumpet makes, but you have to use the right technique; you have to build the tone for yourself, and then you have to work with the instrument, but certainly not a piano.

Does the violin have a lower resonance than an oboe or a cello?

This is another example of the difference between music and a sound. When you use the violin, you don’t have the advantage of that kind of resonance and you don’t have the idea that this is the same instrument. I can say that it’s better [because] there’s something more open. It’s a more natural sound. It’s quite a different thing. The cello actually is quite a special case because if you’re playing, for example, the cello from the violin, then you can make the most of the [tuned] instruments that that comes from [the] violin, and there’s also a very different sound. It’s the difference between the cello and an oboe, or from a piano. So, it’s not, really, that simple. There’s some advantages, though, and the advantages [on] violins are, in my opinion, very very important. But, to be honest, even violins have a very subtle sound.

Tell me about violins’ playing styles

They come from a very specific time – before the violin was invented. At that time, if you wanted to make something, it was necessary to do something different. With that came the idea of making something that was more expressive, more dramatic, and this was the instrument where you could get to really use your voice. You can actually do it that well that there’s no need to say “I play this because this feels right”. You know that you can actually make it quite spectacular that way. Or, if you’re the kind of person who has a little tendency to be emotional – which, in my point of view, makes you sound silly – then, if you’re going to play the violin, then I would say that you’re probably going to try to do something that’s a little more intimate and expressive. For me, it’s more of an instrument that’s very good

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