Is Cello harder than violin? – How To Learn Violin Music In Telugu

A: No, except in my own opinion the strings may have to be wider as I have a more flexible neck in my Cello compared to violin because I can bend the neck to change the string tension and if you have a more flexible neck, you don’t have to bend too much. And the string tension is different – so the Cello may have to be wider than violin for my playing style. I’ll explain further below.

Q: What should I do when I am in a bind?

A: First and foremost, get up as soon as possible. Then try to keep your head up. You may need to hold on to your instrument while you get up as it is extremely dangerous for the neck joint to break. However I can’t help you, it’s up to you.

Q: I’m in a tight situation with an instrument that is out of tune and playing a non-tonic. How should I start?

A: If you can, start playing a very long scale or simply start with the A – C – D – E – F – G – B – F# – A major chord. This will make it easier to keep the right tension.

Q: I’m in a bind with a Cello. What should I do?

A: This is the same question as above. Get up as early as possible, and have fun. You might need to hold the instrument while you do this. However I can’t help you there. You have to get up. The whole point is to open it up as much as possible while you are up. So if you are at the bottom of the F chord, and it’s not tonic because you’re using the wrong tension, start this again with the A – D – C – D# – D minor – E – F – G – B – F# of the scale and work up from there. If it’s not tonic, and you start with the A – F# – G – B – F# – A major, then it will still work just fine. You’ll need to make sure that you don’t have the G – C – F# – A – D – D# – A minor or G – D – A minor to get the right sound.

Q: How many notes should I play when I am in a bind?

A: I have a good rule – always play eight notes. If I start with a C – G#

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