Is Cello same as violin? – Learn Violin Online Reddit

Yes. Both instruments share the basic contours of a violin. In fact, the difference between a viola and a cello is not the body part as much as the size of the instrument. A viola has a shorter body than a cello which causes greater flexibility in that particular body part, so there are fewer moving parts to compensate for. A viola will not, however, be capable of playing as beautifully as a cello, so it will be a much more efficient instrument for that sort of playing.

If I were to describe a Cello/viola in one word, what would it be?


What is the minimum requirement I need to be able to play a bass Cello?

A Cello/viola requires at least three fingers on each hand. This is in contrast to a Bass Cello requiring five fingers, which is the minimum necessary for a Bass Violator. So with three fingers, a bass player will need a bass player’s license to play a Cello/viola, while a bass player’s license to practice a bass viola does not need to be required if one plays a bass Cello.

Can a bass player and a Cello/viola player combine their skills and have a combo?

Yes! Both instruments can make an excellent combination and can be used to enhance a bass performer’s playing. The trick is for a bassist to work in different patterns, one to one, so that he can play a Cello or a Viola as if a bass. Bassists can also learn to do the other way around.

What is a bass viola?

A bass viola/ cello combination, sometimes called a bass or a bass player/cello combination. Many Cello/viola players are actually quite good at playing the bass part of the Cello/viola; they just can’t play as well when playing the cello. This is where a bass viola/cello combo is used as part of the soloist/cello combination.

What is a bass violist?

A bass violist is a professional musician who can play a Cello or a Viola. A bass violist also needs a license to play a Bass Cello!

How can I be a bass violist/cello player if I’m not trained by a Cello teacher?

In theory, you could start learning by yourself,

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