Is it better to learn piano or violin first? – Is It Hard To Learn Violin Kids Size

The piano is faster, easier to control and more musical. The violin can give you more to do, too. But it takes practice.

My mom and I learned violin at home about a year ago. She loves playing, but that’s what she’s playing now. Maybe I’ll just have to give it up to improve playing in public (or just find a less busy time).

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You can’t just pick one music instrument to work towards. It depends entirely on your personality. Some people just get into piano and viola and just need a little time to work on their skills. Other people like to play both instruments. It probably helps that both parents are musicians and that at least one parent could play violin while the other played the piano, just as a bonus.
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What about learning a foreign language?

I do all kinds of foreign language studies. It could be music, Spanish, Japanese, Hebrew or even French. I also love to read. You don’t have to choose a language to learn English. All languages are taught in the same way, but different people need different programs.

For example, German has a huge amount of courses, but Spanish and Portuguese are taught in different ways. You could study Spanish and study English or you could learn to speak German or to speak Portuguese and study English. Learning a foreign language isn’t necessarily a race.

I’m going to say it again: Everyone is different. I can’t help you choose a language you enjoy or a music and reading program you absolutely need. I just know that learning a country’s language can help you understand people in other languages, and it can be a good starting point to learn a new language.

A big lesson for us, was learning about the people in the cultures we’re bringing to the States, before we decide to bring the two of us together. We want to know if someone else like us will like them back and if they will accept us as American.

What if I don’t speak English?

There’s no rule that says you get to go to college or work here if you don’t speak English. We do have a very strict policy on how we look at language ability.

People who don’t speak English will be sent home to apply for English language classes. If your language ability is below a certain threshold, you’ll be refused admission. That means you may not get into college, even if you study hard and speak

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