Is it hard to learn the violin? – How To Learn Violin Faster Car Song

Of course it is, I learned how to play the violin very poorly. I’ve played my whole life, in different countries, different countries in Europe, etc. I was able to play it very well, and that’s one of the reasons why I’m good at it. But I can also learn it too, I’m able to do the same thing. It’s very easy. I didn’t have really bad teacher, I learned it without any particular instruction. It’s really like doing it.

Is it a difficult instrument to be good at?
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It’s probably harder to be good at the violin than an instrument like piano; piano has something about it, but I love to play the violin because of the sound it gives you and because of the feeling. It’s also pretty easy to learn.

What’s your favorite concert you’ve attended?

No one’s really my favorite concert or favorite performance of mine, but in the late 90’s, in Chicago, there was this concert, The Last Waltz of the Waltz by Leonard Bernstein, which was a really great concert.

What kind of audience does your music always appeal to?

Well, I think my audience always loves it, since it’s not that old so all the people I was playing with at the time were my fans. This concert was even my last one with this band.

How long ago did you start playing violin?

I started playing on the violin the very first time I could play, in the beginning of the 7th grade, when I was 5 years old, for 3 months. I got into it because of my younger brother, and he was always playing that violin, and it always gave me hope. I never knew that it was this important instrument, something you were allowed to do for 10 years. It was the only instrument I played in high school, when I had to stay at home with my parents, I played only on the piano. So that was kind of the first time I played an instrument.

What has your instrument’s size and weight made you think about music a lot?

Well, my brother, when he played his violin, he would just go on stage and play while the audience loved him and didn’t even know him. He would do a few shows and then play his violin for a long time. And my violin is still that way.

What’s the hardest part of playing the violin?

Well the hardest thing is

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