Is violin harder than piano? – Learn Piano Notes Worksheets For Beginners

A: No, because it also uses a lower tone, so it’s not a challenge if you’re playing a violin. But a piano is a challenge. Piano is the most difficult instrument.
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B: Right. The second most difficult is actually the guitar. The guitar and the trumpet are the only instruments that’re very difficult in the classical repertoire. These are really difficult to perform.

Q: So how do you find your passion for the instrument?

A: Well, I had a good family situation. As soon as I left home, I went to the concert halls, and it’s so exciting. You go there and there’s musicians who have been around the classical world for 50 years, and they’re all very similar. It’s hard to see a fellow student that is very similar to me, but the experience is very unique.

Q: Right. So the concert halls tend to feel very much like a concert hall?

A: Yes, very much like the concert halls. The main thing when I started doing classical studies was to play the music in a setting that was really different than the real concert hall. I’m really a fan of a concert setting. It’s much more relaxing, much more inspiring to listen to the music and try to find ways to play it differently.

Q: Wow, so classical music is different from other music? Is the genre different?

A: Exactly. I had a teacher when I was in high school at a classical music program, which was in the high school, so I was fortunate to have an opportunity to go there. I’d like to say classical music is very different from other music since this is where we’re born and raised. When we grow up that’s usually the music we’re exposed to, or our parents have taught us the music. When you’re in kindergarten it’s almost like you’re in the middle of a movie, but once we started going to a concert hall, it was like the whole orchestra was playing. The music is just incredible.

Q: Did you play the violin as a kid?

A: No. [laughs] My mother used to play the piano. She didn’t. It’s very strange to learn to play the flute, the oboe, the clarinet, the soprano. They’re all different instruments; the flute is different from the flute that you use in music or the piano, and then the soprano is different for

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