Should I learn violin or viola? – Learn To Play The Violin As An Adult

VoiGuitar: Yes. A viola is a little bit more complicated to learn, but then you have to make sure that you use the right scales in the right places. So viola, for example, is a bit more tricky to learn, but at least it’s not all black-magic numbers and scales.

Do you think it’s a good idea to start with your instrument before trying to learn other instruments?

VoiGuitar: Absolutely. What can you really improve before you go out and try to play another thing? In all seriousness, it’s best to learn from your strengths first.

You’re pretty open with how your instruments work, though, can I see some video demos?

VoiGuitar: Yes! We do a regular video series every year, so come check out this year’s episode, “Learn from Your Weaknesses.”

Did you have a favorite instrument growing up?

VoiGuitar: Hmm… I dunno, really… I learned the german viola when I was 16. I remember it like the second day because that instrument seems to sound better in a big room – I remember playing an instrument from it that is so different than my parents’ instruments – they’re like “I don’t know if I like this!” It sounds really cool.

What’s your best advice about beginners?

VoiGuitar: Just do your research. Read lots of books, listen to a lot of music, watch lots of video, go to lots of concerts, and then when you see people with big music collections and they keep moving up, that gives people encouragement. If you’re looking for one music lesson, we have a free music lesson every Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm EST in St. Louis, just go to our website to sign up!

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