Should you clean violin strings? – Learn To Meow Violin Sheet Music

We recommend a string cleaner when string cleaning of your violin. If you are purchasing an antique violin, please read the guidelines about cleaning your instruments for more information about string cleaning. For strings not sold new, there is no need to clean, as these instruments were once playable by masters.

A string cleaner will make the strings softer, reducing the friction around the strings. It will not be able to remove wood stains or other foreign material from the strings. They work by dissolving the wax (or glycerin) in water so that the wax dissolves and the wax doesn’t stick to the string. A string cleaner should be used with care; it can cause the string to move, causing scratches.

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There are many strings that have been used on violin strings that have become brittle, causing them to begin playing loose or misbehave with sharp turns or misrung swings on the strings. Use a String Checker like the one pictured! We also recommend buying a cleaning spray to ensure your instruments are always in tip-top shape!

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