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I am currently learning to play the piano at home. Playing has been a huge challenge in the beginning, and this has only strengthened my appreciation for what it is to be human.


Drums are what have stayed the same from my early days with the band during high school. I love the energy and immediacy of playing with other people. If I could live for another five to ten to twenty years, I’d love to play drums again. In recent times I’ve started to learn a bit of piano, so it’s been difficult to pick an instrument that is easy to play well but also not necessarily hard. I’ll probably move to a new instrument once I stop playing the drums, but that will not stop me from keeping my current one for as long as my heart allows, as I think that is what this music is all about: being with people.

Duo Guitar

I have always been a passionate person for music. I love learning new things (especially instruments) and have always been drawn to writing songs. As most of the stuff I write about relates to how people perceive or react to certain situations, I find it very fun to write about other people’s interactions, which is a rare thing to find in my work.

If someone wants a record of me singing/playing an instrument you’re familiar with, email me at j.marthasten@gmail.com and I can get the gig. But please, contact me with a link to a sample or video of yourself playing or singing to get my honest opinion. No exceptions.

If music can make someone happy, or inspire them in a meaningful way for the first time in their lives, I want to do my part to make sure people around the world have that opportunity!

V ... is a Tv show in 1984 : NeverBeGameOver

If you’d like to see more photos of me on facebook.com/j.marthasten you’ll find mine there too.

“The other thing I did was I got another job. This second job, at the time, there was just so much pressure, I wanted it to be something that I could really enjoy. The second job, in a way, just pushed me over that barrier.”

—Jemele Hill, speaking with Vanity Fair of the incident where she asked for extra funding and permission to sing the national anthem at President Donald Trump’s inauguration on Jan. 20

Hill (who took a pay cut for performing at the event after becoming a target of

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