What are the hardest instruments to play? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson Three Skills

Trombone and oboe. I guess that that’s going to be a very hard one …. Because, it’s very fast. And it just sounds so good to a trumpet player, when everyone’s playing it so easily, and that’s not something that I can do often. And what’s important to a trombonist, and also to an oboist, is an immediate rhythm. And if you don’t have it, it’s a very hard rhythm to play.

I used to work at Carnegie Hall, and our band was doing a concert program about music in general, and one of the concerts we were doing was by the Italian composer Giorgio Moroder. And I wanted to go with a band, but I found that I was so frustrated that I decided to play Trombone and Oboe with my horn. And I never stopped playing them. And they’re still played every day. And that’s what I like about them so much. So, yeah, it’d be hard to choose among them.

If these instruments were not so easy to play, what makes these songs so special?

I think it might be the way they’re used. Because they would sound like a circus band, a really heavy band. I remember when I worked with the old folk, a lot of their instruments were wooden. So, I think it’s easier to carry a lot of that in modern instruments. I think that makes them, I think, a very emotional type of music. It’s not necessarily catchy if you know what I mean … you know, if it’s not going to get you excited.

I love the way that the horns are so strong, the way that they are in many of the songs. They have a very strong character and they’re just, you know, very important on stage. I think what makes it so fun to play them is, I think, that the whole rhythm is so strong that it’s the only element that needs to change. And people can get really, really into that.

Does a rock or traditional jazz drummer have a much easier time playing a trombone and oboe?

I’ve actually asked a lot of people, actually. And they tend to have different words than I do. I’ve asked a lot of people, and they tend to say, “Yeah. If someone’s playing guitar, it sounds pretty good if the rhythm is just like this.” I think that works for a trom

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