What the most beautiful instrument? – Myongaku

The most beautiful instrument are instruments which are made from a single sheet of metal, metal in its highest purity, and which are made without any imperfections from the parts. The most beautiful instrument is one made from one sheet of metal as much pure silver as would be found on one inch square of blacksmith work, or in a few minutes of the work done by some skilled blacksmith, and which is made to have this purity of silver; yet it can be made in any weight. A great many simple instruments of metal seem to be very ugly, but it is by their simplicity and beauty that the beautiful instruments are to be distinguished; for by no imperfections or imperfections they can be made as great as in a good instrument; but, as soon as this happens, they cease to be beautiful. If we should say that the most beautiful of the beautiful was made of metal, of precious metal, as the instrument which I have just named, or a certain kind of copper, or a certain kind of ivory, which at this day is as perfectly good and beautiful as gold; it would be true enough, as long a goldsmith is working in the same place, or as long the ivory is not in decay. But no human power could be so superior and so well fitted for making any beautiful instrument than God himself is. The fact is, that the most beautiful are made of very strong and strong things; and such as God has made. It is to be observed how he works on the creation. The world was created from nothing, and from nothing nothing created again. It is, then, true that the word of God gives a beautiful work to the highest and most beautiful things, but it will be understood, that the most beautiful work was first made from the creation of the world; or that the universe was first made from nothing.

If this be so, I say, that the least thing that has been made by him that has created it may be called beautiful; but if it is done with the instrument of his will, and it has been so, it is beautiful. We shall, therefore, find that this word has another meaning. All such as are most beautiful in themselves, are those which are most beautiful which are made through that instrument. If we should say that the most beautiful instrument is made of one sheet of gold, of the highest purity, or of some other piece of metal, it will be understood that it is of a certain kind, and so made; and so it is with the

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