What’s the easiest instrument to learn? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson Three Homework Fifth


Tape: I really like tape. I’m a fan of guitar, so a tape recorder is a big deal for me. I’ve been playing music professionally for a long, long time and it’s something that I know how to play. I like being able to do different things with my guitar and I also think having more control is good so you can make different noises. My favorite instrument to learn is the tape recorder and playing the drums.

What is your favorite instrument?

Tape/Kick Drum: I think it’s just the sheer variety of the drums and the sounds they create, but maybe they have the coolest sound in the world. I enjoy everything, including the guitar. I’m probably still a little unsure about using them for any kind of performance or anything. Maybe I’ll add those things to the list in the future.

Are any instrument groups that inspire you?

Tape: Yeah, there are like 5 music groups that I look up to. They’re all the same thing, they make a lot of music, but they also make a lot of art. This weekend I went to a bunch of different events and the ones I really like are the New York City indie-pop artists. I just find them to be really inventive and creative.

How does it feel playing in a band with people you already know? Are you familiar with their styles and styles of playing? Is there something about the way their lyrics and melodies mesh together?

Tape: It feels really natural. This is my second year with a band and since I have known their members this season, the chemistry feels right. The only thing is I have one friend on the band and we never really got to know each other before and now the guys play really well together and we all know how they play. This is my first time with this band, too. Also, I am really excited to play live for my first time with them.

I am a big fan of the band ‘Downtown Boys’. You have also played with them, did you share ideas or collaborate with them?

Tape: Yeah, we’ve shared ideas a lot before. They’re a really different bunch of kids, but there are a lot of similarities to us. They make a really good record and they have a lot of chemistry. They’re all really fun people and a really tight unit.

Do you have a favorite song from their recent album ‘Tough Love?’

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