Why are violins more expensive than pianos? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson Two Making Money

If you are interested in buying the best electric violins, you must first have a general idea of what to expect for the price. To begin with, violins will most likely have a similar range (with the exception of more rarer instruments) that they do for pianos. But you can always find some very nice violins for less than $3000!

The main difference between the two items is that from the inside, some violins and pianos have an inner “wood” covering and some violins don’t. On these violins, the wood is actually plastic (or metal) and the wood is glued to the plastic to save weight and also make the violin easier to carry around. So violins are more “carrier” instruments that don’t use a lot of plastic in their construction (the wood is just held up with glue). On pianos, the piano uses many layers of wood with a glue coating to strengthen the wood (although some of them also use a wood covering that is glued on).

Another difference that is more important for the average violin buyer than the price of the instrument itself, is the “shape of the body” – many violins, like the Dvorak violins, have a single “flute” string – similar to the instrument used for the flutes in baroque music. Many pianos also have a bass tone string. On the other hand, you see lots more “chromatic” violins – that is, there is more than one metal component to the instrument – like a bridge, an armrest or two. These are the “modern” types of violins, which are generally more expensive and used in much more contemporary styles of music (not as much classical or flute-like music, of course).

In addition, violins have longer strings than pianos have, and thus they take up a greater proportion of the weight of the instrument. For example, with a violin in D minor, a piano in D minor takes up more than half the weight as you do with a violin in G major.

How much is a viola worth?

To compare the price of a violin to other instruments, most people typically pay the same amount for something that was recently (pre-1980’s) made. However, I think you may be surprised at what can be bought for far less than that! Below are some commonly used items that might have been bought in the 1960s or earlier:
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