Why does my violin sound bad? – Free Violin Lessons For Beginners Pdf

Many people have reported this and have also heard a few different theories. As with many things, most of the reasons attributed to sound quality are not quite right but there appears to be one main reason for this failure of the violin making process: it’s a poor quality medium.

All but the lowest quality high-end violin violins make sound but the difference is relatively small in the low frequency range, around 6dB in human hearing. Even a low quality low cost high end violin might be less than 0.5dB but this is still not enough to hear the difference between a ‘high’ and a ‘low’.

If you want to improve your violin sound then the best way to do this is to use good quality mediums (such as Acoustic-Cues) that are very similar to the violin but with a slightly lower price.

How to listen

Some people feel that the first step to improve your violin sound is to get a pair of good headphones for hearing it. These are cheap, of course, but sound a lot better than the old, cheap headphones in your old, cheap guitar case.

In the case of a budget set of high quality headphones you should try these:

Toshiba Q7

Sony MDR-7507

IEM3 iZotope Ozone


iSine iSine iSine iSine iSine iSine iSine iZotope Ozone

IEM3 Sound Magic IEM3 BassBox Ozone

How to correct a bad sound

If the problem is with the sound then just remove your old headphones and try some new headphones with those same headphones. Try to look at how much the sound goes into the middle and how hard it goes into the low frequency range. If this too is very uneven then you have some other problem.

Try to listen to recordings with a sound that is in balance with the other instruments and then try to fix it with various instruments. Try different instruments and different microphones.

Here are all the problems and solutions in detail:
Perpetual Motion | Ultra Slow | Suzuki Violin Book 1 - YouTube

If the problem is just in the music then change the sound in your computer’s speakers.

If the problem is in the headphones then try different microphone types or different speakers.

If the sound is just with the piano then try to replace or upgrade the microphones.

If the sound is with the

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