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Many musicians complain about the “sound” of their instrument, especially if you have a large instrument (like an upright bass), and it is too heavy to play at all the time. If you notice that you can play a simple harmonic chord (2-3-4-5-6 on an upright bass) without ever adding a drop of string tension to one end of the instrument, then your strings have to be too loose in the strings and have to be re-tightened to make sure that your violin sounds clear and “right.” In that case, see our article on how to use string tension to make the sound of your violin sound better.

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The Republican Party’s big mistake right now in Washington is being led by a party leader whose ego seems to have become the GOP’s downfall. It’s also going to cost them dearly in the 2016 presidential election, and the damage could be even worse if they lose control of the House or both chambers of Congress.

There’s no question that Donald Trump has been a disaster for the GOP. Since he was elected president, his party has seen its standing in recent national and state polls plummet, and polls suggest that the Trump White House will not be a Republican Party the GOP wants.

The House of Representatives will not be a Republican Party.

Even without Trump at the helm, Republican House members are on pace to have an even worse approval rating than the party they serve. On average, House Republicans have an approval rating of 30 percent in their district, lower than the 30 percent they were at the start of Trump’s presidency and significantly below the 60 percent approval rating they had in the party’s previous best year in office, at the start of Ronald Reagan’s presidency. (To get a rough idea of a member’s approval rating, look at his or her job approval rating in the Senate or the Gallup job rating)

The only party that hasn’t gotten worse since Trump took office in January hasn’t won a majority in the House, either.

In fact, the GOP is actually in better position than Democrats are to retake control of the House in the midterm elections.

To understand why, consider what Trump is doing to the Republican Party. On one hand, Democrats are the political party of the working class, and Trump has been a major factor in driving them out of their party. On the other hand, Trump is tearing his party apart as a whole, undermining

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