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If you have your violin repaired or replaced with a new one, it would help if you can hear some sound coming from the strings. There would be two possibilities: either the strings are playing as well as they should, or (more likely) the strings are missing.

If the strings and the mouthpiece do not make any sound, even when the violin is vibrating it still will not be able to reproduce the playing sound. A damaged and missing bridge means sound may continue only on a tremolo.

You might try changing the bridge at this time. It is a good idea to change all the bridges on an instrument of this size. You can put a glue to fix the bridge to the body and tighten the bridge into the string slots to hold. Or you may try a different type of bridge to ensure a good playing sound. However, some bridges make the sound clear as with a correct bridge, others do not.

Check whether the bridge comes with a screw-in or removable screw. Most of the bridges have a screw-in type. I have seen one where the screws are placed flush with the bridge body.

Check whether the bridge is in good condition; if it isn’t, please contact me for advice.

If the bridge in good condition, try to keep the bridge in good condition; I advise to take it apart just in case something is wrong. Then take it out and inspect thoroughly.
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