Why is my violin not making any sound? – Learn Violin Online Beginner Computer Course

It is a problem with your violin body. It is a rare defect and only produces an “uncirculating” or “uncirculating” sound.

How can I tell if my violin is a “circulating” or “uncirculating” sound?

Your violin body is always spinning and vibrating! If there is one or two “points” of resistance in the bow or string, you are in the right area. A “circulating” sound is when your violin is vibrating with all its parts vibrating. That’s it! Your violin body vibrates with every string. Circulating sounds are all about resistance and resistance creates tension to cause the strings to move. As a result, the string makes a sound. If you notice that your violin makes all the sounds with less resistance, or not at all, I highly suggest that you take your instrument out of the shop.

My violin is vibrating but there is a very pronounced “clink clack” vibration that gives me a lot of trouble. What is going on?

Your violin vibrates at a very low frequency because it is under “guitar” load. That’s why the strings vibrate at such great frequency. The strings will vibrate so hard that they generate a sound which is “clack-clack-clack”. At very high frequency, there is a lot of stress generated by the vibration and the string gets “froze” or “bounced to the side”. These vibrations will produce the sound you are hearing from the violin bow.

I’m having trouble finding a good place to buy a new violin bow. Is there a place like that?

Yes, this is something that is very important to keep in mind.

Are all violins tuned to C?

No. All instruments, including violins are “tuned” to the tone or note of the string. In other words the bow can be tuned from any string to any pitch.

There are many violin stores in the USA that sell both a traditional and a new bow. Does this make it easier to buy one new bow, rather than 2?

Many small stores are “taught” that some bow can be used to tune a violin that is not tuned, but that is NOT true. If you do NOT own the instrument, you will certainly not know what the violin would have sounded like tuned to any particular string. So, you will need to buy a new

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