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I’ve done this for four and a half years and I can’t even find half the music, so I can’t learn all the way. It’s a shame I could learn to play the stuff I had done,” explains Aron. “My advice to this audience, and I have to say, I mean everybody in the audience for this concert is a musician, so if you really feel like it, there’s nothing better in the world to do it, because if you keep doing that shit, you can’t even play music.”

In the late ’90s, with his father and his girlfriend both having been diagnosed with ALS, Aron’s dream of playing in a symphony orchestra came to pass. The only problem was finding a place to play. “I couldn’t find a place for me to play when it was my turn to sing the part of a solo in the finale [of Act IV] on an old, crappy violin,” explains Aron. “That was very difficult and it put a cloud over me for the rest of my life.”

Aron’s own father was also diagnosed in the early ’90s with ALS. His parents split up in college, and Aron eventually left Colorado for New York to attend Columbia University. There, he was inspired by the music he had heard of John Cage and then went on to become a member of New York’s experimental ensemble, the Ensemble for Musicians with Lou Reed.

“It was a beautiful, surreal process at its conclusion. Then I ended up in a weird place. Being so sick and not knowing why, and seeing things as a way of survival, but also in an art performance at an art space which was sort of the last piece of the puzzle that I still had left. I did all my projects like this in some capacity—I was doing it professionally for a while—but I also found, like, a kind of connection at that point with music, with art.”

On the back of his latest album, Aron has become more focused in performing his songs. After all, he wasn’t always happy with the way that he produced and performed.

That was, until the recording of his 2009 debut album, The Fierce, which brought him into the center of several major rock bands.

“My first record, for the most part, was very much like a group album. My group mates came on with me for the vocals and the bass and guitar and a lot of the backing vocals were

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