Why is violin the hardest instrument? – Best Way To Learn Violin

Well it’s just, it’s really hard to make one.


MURPHY: (Laughing).

I just like the technical aspects of it. But it’s really, it’s hard to make.

JAY: Because it’s made!

MURPHY: Exactly. I’m gonna be honest, it’s really hard to make!

JAY: So what about the rest of…

MURPHY: You go to Europe and you have an Italian violinist from –

JAY: In Italy?

MURPHY: Yeah, actually, I went to Europe with a violin to do a solo. And I can make any instrument sound good but it’s never good enough. It never…

JAY: I see.

MURPHY: …it always sounds different or in two different registers. When I went to Italy, I went to a conservatory (laughter) and they gave me this, oh it’s a, it’s a French concert violin (laughter) but it’s, it’s never good enough. And I go back to the states, and it’s always better.

JAY: Yeah, and in Canada, I’ve got a young…


JAY: You’ve got a young, young guitar player or a young guitar player who knows…

MURPHY: I’ve got a young guitar player who’s a great player.

JAY: Right. Oh! Oh my God, that’s amazing.

MURPHY: Yeah. Yeah.

JAY: So I’m wondering about your guitar, but when’s something better, like an acoustic guitar?

MURPHY: Well there’s some older and – (laughter) I had a beautiful F-hole (laughter) in Australia. We got a beautiful, beautiful acoustic F-hole. But it was just a very different instrument than the guitars we’re playing now. And, um, I went to Germany with it and you know, it’s just got a very, a very different sound.

JAY: Oh, yeah.

MURPHY: It’s got…

JAY: You do that?


JAY: (Chuckles).


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