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Yes! When it comes to creating a song or an artwork, the brain has its own rhythm, which it uses to determine where to put things on the beat. It is this rhythm that generates our melodies — it tells us what to think and does some work on our perception.

Can you define rhythm?

The rhythm that determines what is going on in any musical instrument.

Can you identify a rhythm based on a track or track group?

It is based on a group. If you don’t have a track, you can still use a rhythm. Just be sure it is a good one.

Can you identify other characteristics in your tracks that make them stand out?

There’s just one thing you need to know about your music: It must be enjoyable, and not too repetitive.

How much do you spend on music?
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Music is something that requires a lot of money to make. I’m in a very fortunate position; however, I don’t spend a lot of money. As a matter of fact, I try to keep my music as simple as possible to attract customers.

What would you say is your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge is having a catchy track. I’m not saying all artists or pop acts have good songs, but it’s the artists that have the skills that can make their tracks good that sell well.

You’ve collaborated with some big stars — how have you taken on some collaborations on different songs?

When I’m doing a project, I listen to everything I’m going to collaborate with. Every song will follow an evolution of the original arrangement.

How did you go about your collaboration with Drake? How does being able to do that in a collaboration sound like someone who is good in the industry?

We both have good taste…the song that we did together was a very funny one. I think I could have done better because we were both still young back then.

Is there anything you are working on right now?

I’m about to finish a book. It’s something I’m working on with a very talented illustrator. My favorite part of it is that it’s all on paper. It takes a lot of time to create everything and we do it very accurately. I’m currently working on something with David Bowie too (I’m a big Bowie fan).

You’ve described your life as a creative adventure — has it gotten easier or harder?

It depends

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