Are artists brains different? – Online Art Lessons For Kids Christmas

No, we don’t think they are. Some are more or less like people with other disabilities, but there are also similarities. They are often good artists and very involved in creating new pieces. They are more interested in creating meaning, for example. They want to connect to the art world. A few are more creative than others, for the reasons you mentioned.

For me, a lot of my personality comes from being creative. I don’t like to read. I never learned to write the language by listening to music. I just had to learn by doing. It was like building a house. You have to learn everything by doing. I love drawing like you. I love making things by using my hands.

Is there anything you wish you could do differently?

I wish I could focus more on art, but in the end the best thing would be to know art, because that would make it easier for me.

You have the opportunity now to create something by yourself.

Well, yes. There is no one to help me and no one to explain what I can do better. There is no one to help me with my own vision. That is why I think most of the work I make is so personal and personal, without having anything to show to other people.

In the end, I want to understand why. It’s not about the money. It’s not like I want fame, but not fame is not important. I want to make art and share it with all who will listen.

Have there been any problems working with some of your collaborators?

This season we worked together for two weeks starting January 8. After that we just finished the series of the drawings with no work. I don’t know what happened to the other artists. If I had to guess I would say they were busy. I had not been able to talk with them at all.

I believe that this is a good opportunity for me. I don’t need anyone anymore. I have enough time. I have enough talent. Now I have the time to learn. I am going to read a lot now. I would be happy once I can learn to write and create my own writing and story. If that is what I want to do, I have to pursue it. A big part of the work was done already. The rest will come after that.

Will you continue collaborating and collaborating and collaborating until the moment you die?

After this, I will

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