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In any group you ask your questions, do you ask your questions? So that’s what I find I’m doing here. You can ask it the standard way, you can go on the internet, you can read the question. And the internet is not a good way of finding the right information. So I try to do my own reading. One of the things that made me decide to build this place for myself, I was reading, I was talking to, and I was listening to, and people were giving the same advice which was: it’s all about your experience, no matter what level you are. If I didn’t know someone, you can say anything you want to me, you can think whatever you want to me. But if I don’t know them personally, as a musician, as an artist, that’s when you have to make your judgment. Are they good enough to be performing with them?

How does the live show differ from the recording session?

Well I did do some video. But we’ve done the most live material so far. And that’s been amazing, the reactions from the crowd, they’ve been kind of a bit of a surprise. When in front of a crowd of 10,000 people that’s about as cool as I’ve gotten. And even at the smaller venues the audience is really attentive and supportive. But the smaller venues, that’s when you really get to meet the bands personally, that’s when you get to meet people individually. Because you really have to know the performers personally. And you can’t just go and do a video and be like, wow, that’s amazing. You have to go home and actually understand what they’ve been trying to communicate to the audience. And you have to really get that feel. So the live shows really are the highlight of our entire project. If you’re not on this tour, just do your usual thing and just enjoy the day and be a part of it.

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That’s definitely the plan. A normal Saturday morning.

We’ll have a normal Saturday morning. You’ll see.

That’s really lovely to hear, thank you very much for doing this, have a great show, everybody.

Thank you, that was really nice.

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