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The answer is, yes. In fact, there is plenty of evidence which shows that anyone can learn to draw a human figure from a basic set of shapes. We don’t just draw our kids or give them drawings, we teach them to draw on paper to make their own drawings.
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What does it look like?

Once children have learned to draw a model human figure, they can start to understand how to draw it in many interesting ways. There are two basic kinds of drawing. In the first one, the figure is a simple grid. You start with a blank drawing board.

For each vertical line in the drawing, you pick up the pencil and slowly work to draw it towards the right. But when the line doesn’t end up on the left, then you add a diagonal line. This helps break up the line’s space into smaller and smaller chunks. As you work, you become more proficient. If you don’t add any more lines, then this doesn’t look great. It looks like a mess!

With better technique you become almost able to draw it on an empty sheet of paper. The basic technique is the same. You select a single line and then follow it across the empty board until the finished line is on the left hand corner. It’s a neat trick but, as far as I’m aware, it hasn”t been shown to be very useful. But, as you can see below, it’s not all that hard to use and it gives us the chance to try some different techniques.

The other kind of drawing technique used to make a great first drawing is known as the ‘draw-a-circle’ technique. In this method, we start with the center of the circle on the ground and draw it down to the edge of the grid. We then draw a new line to cut the circle out of the board. And, when we cut the circle out, we take the circle and start again from the outside of the circle. We do this step for a number of successive times until we end up with a circular shape that goes on the top of the drawing board. You could repeat this process until the circles turn into triangles and eventually into circle-like shapes.

Of course, if you don’t have a drawing board to start with then this might not be practical for you. But, like with the traditional drawing techniques, if you are trying to learn to draw something that will look good on paper then use these techniques. They’re very cool and we hope

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