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A/N: I have finished my short story A Dark Room and I’m posting it to the world for the first time ever. I’ll also be posting some of the other stories in this series as well as my other works, as they’re related.

Thanks for reading, hopefully your enjoying the story! I’ll see you in the next chapter.


A dark room fell into a void that had been waiting for some time. The light from the torches was not strong enough to see the edges of the dark room. The walls fell inward, as if to lock a door but it had failed. With a low sigh, Wakaba shut the door and made her way down the long corridor that made up the dark room. Her darkly colored cloak draped over her legs as a heavy heavy feeling took hold of her. It was nothing as long and heavy as the one in her previous life, but it had a familiar weight to it. She did not want to stop and make sure she was not under the influence. The thought of her husband hurt her, the thought of her child would kill her, the thought of her lover would kill her. In light of the fact that she had met her second choice, the thought of death seemed less likely, but she was still afraid. So afraid that she tried to turn away.

She had to hide what she was thinking in her head, even though this was her only chance of remaining a hero. And, no, she was not planning on stopping just yet, not with the knowledge that there were evil sorcerers in her bloodline and she was a wizard.

She had to make up her mind.

The door to the room opened and Wakaba stepped outside into the moonlight. Once inside she went through the doorway to a wooden desk that she could make out the name on it’s back.


The name was of no concern to Wakaba, it was a name given to her by a group of bullies in school, they had not been known for good character, especially to females. But Wakaba’s father was a professor and with a name like Dennis, they were bound to be taken by the professor and put under his tutelage.

“Good morning, Denny.” Dennis greeted her as he rose from his desk.

“Good morning Dennis.” Her father said before giving her a warm smile.

“Good to see you again, Denny.

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