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You know, it’s easy to be discouraged at the sight of an artist or cartoonist, who is so great and so wonderful and so much above the level of a casual fan, who is all about their art, and so has no interest in drawing the characters that would make you happy.

But then, a great artist or cartoonist is still just that. If it was not for that great, great artist or cartoonist in front of you; we could not say the same things about our work that we say about their work. And they can still work so hard to make our work better, and to find out ways to improve that art.

What is it like to be a cartoonist?

I think it is always really difficult, being a cartoonist. I don’t envy any other person that’s been around it. I think those who don’t know it can be miserable because of the pressure… of being the best at it.

There are still so many different challenges. Of course it’s very frustrating to work on something that is not finished, but I think that it’s a very great thing. And I know that the artist’s best work—the art they have created—can be their last great piece, because that is the art that is important to themselves… Their legacy is the art that they create, because their work is worth so much.

And so when they die, is that as much of a loss as it was to me? I didn’t know that for one hundred years. I think you become more involved and you become more present, you become less attached to the original idea of what you had or what you wanted to do, and you become more involved in your audience… you become a lot more present, you become more aware, and you are constantly learning.

To what do you attribute your success?

I blame myself. I think if I would have been in college and then become a cartoonist and just become a cartoonist then we would have never been able to do it at the same level.

What were your biggest influences when creating this work?

I think I have to do with being young. Being from the south, New Orleans…. It is always a very interesting process. In fact, one of the major inspirations that has probably come for me as well is my grandfather’s collection of newspaper clippings from the ’40s and ’50s. I read all his newspapers. Not just the

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