Can Drawing be learned? – Online Art Classes For High School Credit

I learned my first art in a very odd manner at around the age of five. After being told to paint something I had to learn to draw. My parents got me to go to the gallery and I was told I was going to learn to draw a doll in the next year or so. My parents never explained where my drawing talent was coming from or why.

Where was your first painting taken?

My first painting that I ever did was made out of leftover food that was left over from a wedding. It was supposed to be something that my parents would put in their will, but I got it in my hand as a child and felt compelled to make some more. It’s an example of how far I’ve come in painting since then.

Who was your first teacher?

As a child, I learned by myself. As I grew into my teens, my parents decided that they needed to give me a more structured way of learning. I was taught to draw in the form of sketching in the book I bought for my first birthday, but it was not until I left school in my late teens that I truly understood the value of my art in and of itself.

Who taught you your first music?

An older man whom I have never met or heard speak of before showed me some of his songs and told me to make music. When I left the school I started learning to play the piano at a piano-equipment store. A couple of hours later, I was making a piano piece out of scratch. I was able to do something that other students would never be able to do.

Why do you think that music is such a powerful medium?

Music was one of the things that I looked up to as a child. Even after growing older, I still like to make music. I was taught for many years to only listen to music from other people’s ears, and it took me a long time to discover other people’s voices. When I was in my early 15’s, I took a chance and purchased some acoustic guitars. I’ve never been a big singer, so I didn’t expect to be able to hit with any power by playing the guitar. I only ended up doing so well, and my guitar playing became my music in a way.

What was your first painting?

My first painting was a little piece of paper that I had made with a brush and two balls of felt. I was able to get one of my favorite

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