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If so, what is your preferred form? I’ve never considered drawing, I was a musician, in school, for years. I used to work in a tattoo shop and I never looked at computers or digital art. The idea of learning this stuff is appealing, but I would need extensive practice first. I guess that’s my next question, how long do you feel a drawing should be? A very long time! I never learn it in one go in a week. What is interesting, this is why for me, the most challenging thing is to find a picture of a cat. If I can find one, I have learned drawing. Do you think computers will ultimately replace the real thing? I personally won’t be a computer artist, it’s not my thing. I’ve had problems with this, I didn’t enjoy it as a hobby. I’m sure computers will have an effect on the art world, though.

I didn’t get my start with drawing. I started, I guess it was the ’70s, I got into it very soon. My first professional gig I did when I was 15. This was before computers, of course. I got a drawing card from my local art shop and I painted a piece of paper. I didn’t draw very well. Later I got a book for people at school about drawing. I used to do this and then I went to a sketch making class. I loved it. I’ve been doing this for decades now, I just don’t have the time to do it now. It’s not what I like to do. I try not to be an artist, I try to be a writer. I’ve started on a book. But it’s too late to get published and I don’t know where I’ll end up. I’m not sure what I’ll do from this.

In the latest video from The Young Turks, Chris Hansen and Noah Rothman take a look at the various ways the Koch brothers operate.

Hansen and Rothman are experts at keeping a straight face as they explain the Koch family’s political history – one with a remarkable parallel.


“For most of the history of this [brother corporation], the Koch brothers have been a conservative political machine that has been doing the best they can with a limited and narrow set of conservative causes,” says the host of the program, who is an associate professor in the faculty of public policy at the University of California, Berkeley.

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“That changed in 2013,” Rothman says

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