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Well, you can. Check out some of the free online courses offered by the great folks at ULA.

What do I need a business license for?

Your business license is needed to:

Own a business.

Permit certain actions you can do to increase your business. For example, you can be a landlord.

Employ certain people. Your job might be to pay a specific amount of money each month.

Purchase goods or services for your business.

Apply for services that you would like to have in your business.

In the event that your business has become insolvent within 30 days of starting, a “bankruptcy” is considered.

You can obtain an AVAILABLE LOAN to begin your business! This will provide you with a “loan” to purchase goods or services or establish or continue your business in the area.

A VAILABLE LOAN is available at most major banks, many small businesses, and even online banks.

The application is fairly easy. You may need to fill out a few forms, but once complete, you will have all the necessary tools needed to start a business! I find that some lenders require several additional forms to fully complete the loan.

How do business licenses work in Washington state?

You must be a resident in Washington to have a business license in your city or town. You may not apply for a business license in Seattle, Spokane, Everett, or any other city in Washington.

You must be a resident of Washington State to apply for a Business in Washington license.

You don’t even need a business license to open a bank account! However, your personal checking, savings, and credit card accounts can hold money.

Check out the following two resources that may help you to be a successful business owner in Washington:
Blending and Scumbling - Acrylic Painting Lesson - YouTube

The Washington State Department of Financial Services makes it easy for you to start a business. They have a variety of tools that you need to get started quickly.

Are there any taxes related to business licenses?

The “Business & Taxes” category of our free state tax calculator may help you understand the taxes you will and will not have to pay in Washington. You’ll find out how much you’ll owe and the amount of the tax credit you might receive.

What are the costs of opening a business in the State of Washington?

You will find the costs of starting a business in the state of Washington

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