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When I read this book, I immediately thought of Andy Warhol, so much so that I had to check if Andy Warhol was in the book or not, and he appears. I didn’t think he was in the book. I had read it years earlier, in a magazine article about art for the magazine in the late 60s. I’m not sure if there was a sequel to the book, but that book is a must have for art lovers. You will enjoy Warhol’s masterpiece which is what I had read. His art and style, that is a perfect combination of the realist, realistic and the comic and surrealist.

This book is a nice mix, one can read them all at once or read them in order, depending on one’s mood. You have all the details of his life, his art and how he was influenced. You get an inside peek into his creative mind. Great for a newbie artist, or someone who’s interested in a bit more detail regarding the man and his art. It’s a nice guide on how to draw the style Warhol wanted to produce. He drew his art for art, or in the case of this book, for himself. This book was well researched, as if it had been written by the book’s authors, if so, it would have been one of the best. But I think it was written by a person who was interested in what had made Warhol a great artist. As long as this book was being used for self taught artists, I think it’s probably in the top 5 of art books to study at school.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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Sick as a dog.

For you to get it off your back.

I think that was a little more blunt, but that’s just my own personal thing, you know?

Yeah, you know, when somebody’s sick, they don’t know how to ask for help, especially if they aren’t the one that’s sick, or they’re the one that needs help, you know? It’s hard, you know, sometimes. I know everyone thinks it is when it isn’t. I don’t think there’s really a hard line anymore. I think anybody gets sick now at any time. I’ve had it myself and I don’t blame

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