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What is your biggest mistake in painting?

What is your best work to date?

How would you like your work viewed by the public?

What is the most important lesson you would want people to experience in your art?

What are the most important pieces in your art collection?

What is something that you would never want anyone to buy or own?

Are there any specific pieces that you feel are important collectors might find valuable?

What are the three most powerful techniques you use to learn?

How would a viewer learn about your work?

What inspires you?

What can we expect from you in the future?

Tell me about your favourite painting before it gets too old.

Do you have any tips for painting technique?

How do you like your style?

What pieces do you think could really be successful

for you and your art?

Your art and technique is more than just your work.

Are you a master class or have you ever painted anywhere outside of school?
Untitled Haiku Deck by Thrive Art School

What has been your biggest challenge in the last twelve Months?

What are you currently working on in your ‘life’?

What would you do differently?

How would you describe your style?

What is your favourite painting you have painted?

What is a piece you feel is of high importance to your art?

Can you explain your painting process?

What do you most enjoy about painting?

What are your favourite paintings by other artists?

What is your biggest regret in your career?

What do you admire about yourself?

Tell me about your painting and how I can learn from it?

I think one of the largest and most significant influences on my art is probably a fellow artist by the name of Alex Fidrych. I came across his work online at an early age and became intrigued. I’ve always enjoyed the way he takes images and places them in an artistically interesting way.

He’s done some pretty fantastic projects over and above my own, such as a series of portraits of prominent artists including Richard Serra, Claude Monet, John Keats and Charles Russell, on canvas. As well as his own stuff, he’s done quite a few others of his own and I love them all.

At the moment I’m working on my own piece for the new Museum for Contemporary Art (MOCA),

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