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We could.

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Have you ever been a self taught artist?

Yes. I was learning how to paint and then I began to draw. I did this until about 3 years of age. It just seemed to be that a child, who does the same thing over and over again, never really grows as an artist and he or she never actually gets to the top of their individual art. So I was a little bit of a tomboy at first, but after about two years at about three years old, it just became almost automatic because I learned that the one thing that you have to do is always follow what was in your head, but it doesn’t make sense. It always makes sense to you what to do in the next moment. For example, I’ve had a couple of conversations with my wife at night. When we get in the car and there’s a stop in the middle of the road, I would just say “Ohhh I’m not going to leave this car.” She takes that away from me, and then we say “OK, what do you want to do here?”, she says it’s “I want to paint”. You can just really, really see a difference. The things I’m really interested in and the things I’m trying to accomplish. So I’m just trying to follow that as well. You have to pick a few things really, really consistently that you like, but you can always add some things while you’re at it.

Did you see any of the film, “Shooting The Dawn”, or “The Day After Tomorrow”?

Yeah, I remember seeing “Shooting The Dawn” just like you saw “The Day After Tomorrow”. I saw them on television and they showed some footage that just stuck with me. Because I had seen some real life stuff about the first days of the war from my sister’s family and my mother. It was a great feeling to see and I did go to an exhibition after seeing the film, which was a very nice show. I really hope that when I see “Shooting The Dawn” I am able to see the actual footage from that time.

Can you elaborate on some of the things that you are drawn to?

I’ve been drawn to the little things. It doesn’t really matter, I’m interested enough in the big stuff that I want to go and see what’s really important to all that stuff. You know, the things about it that I think are important to everyone. For example

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