Can you draw without reference? – Online Art Lessons For Preschool

Not everyone’s a good illustrator.

I don’t know what I’m supposed to draw for, but if I have any doubt on it, I just don’t draw it! How could I draw a girl on her butt, a guy on his chest, and a guy on her chest and a guy wearing a shirt? And a guy on his belly, and a guy in shorts? (I didn’t draw them either…)

Oh, and I have a lot of confidence in my brain that I’m right about something. I’m not afraid to tell folks, “I’m right,” when I’m not convinced. But I don’t have any way (unlike a lot of people that I know for sure who would admit this to me) to prove that I am right.

So, if anyone can convince me that drawing is for art, then it’s me….but only if I can convince everybody else that art is for art! It’s easy to draw pictures in a notebook…but then the art is for a notebook! That doesn’t mean the drawings are right!

If anyone can see that art is for art, then I’ve learned a few things:

Don’t put too much importance in things that you have no artistic skills to draw (your brain).

Don’t draw stuff you don’t know how to do, because you’ve never had to do it before (the computer).

Don’t do drawings that will look cool, because you know it doesn’t work well for you.

Use some sort of background to make things interesting to you, rather than try to do them with your hands.

Don’t draw things that will be taken seriously, because you don’t know how to draw (it doesn’t matter that you know it, if you don’t want to take it seriously anyway).

Don’t draw things that you’ll embarrass yourself in front of (such as on the internet, or people you don’t know, without making a big thing of it).

Don’t do drawings that you don’t plan to use in the future (i.e., drawings from your notebooks you never use again).

Don’t take a drawing seriously if you already know what it looks like (there’s no point in learning how to draw something that’s not ready for use).

Oh, one thing I learned from this…don’t think a sketch looks as impressive as a drawing (there’s something to be said for ”

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