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Is it always easy to do?

No. Some times it really is not, and it has an effect on the way you draw. There are times where if you look at a model you can see it. There are times where it is difficult to see, because you have an image that has to be put on it. When you watch a model, you can see and the model will come to life, you will like it, you will make the model as close to the model as possible. I have to do a lot of drawing to figure out what the thing is supposed to look like, and I do a lot on drawing and I don’t think I will ever understand it entirely.

What is the most important aspect of the drawing?

The face. Everything is so important that you have to have a specific way of drawing your face. You always have to think about the way your face is to look. I feel that if I start thinking too much about how your face should be, and you start thinking about how your face should look, your drawing will be too abstract and you will not draw a good picture of the real situation that this model or the character is in.

Your drawings are so clear on detail. What are the secrets to drawing an eye? Is it the way you lay the eyes on objects? You know when you look at a human face do you notice the eye pupils or are they smooth?

I never thought that I did it. They just kind of appear at the side of the eye. There are things in your head that give you clues. There are things inside your eye that give you hints as well.

What kind of secrets do you have from your life? Do you share that with your clients?

I share that a little bit with them. I share with them my thoughts, my ideas of things and what makes it fun for them to watch. I don’t necessarily tell them anything, but you can tell when they are very happy or sad or when they are very curious about a figure or when I am telling them something interesting that I have heard or have seen somewhere.

What are your ideas for the next drawings?

In the next drawings I will have to try to draw all the parts of the figure in one line, as opposed to just drawing a silhouette. I have already started to do that with the second one but this will be my first time to do it.

What do you

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