Can you go to art school if you can’t draw? – Art Course Kids Online

Sure. I could.

And the last question is about where you would draw. Where does it come from?

I imagine that for a lot of artists, like for me, who did drawing in school as children – that’s where the drawing comes from. When I was younger, I wanted to try to go to school and make art. I felt it was an education. In some ways it’s true – my art has been educationally valuable and has made me better at drawing. But maybe that’s the wrong word. It’s more like educationally valuable, in my opinion. It’s been a good education in my opinion to be so educated, so disciplined. It’s taught me a lot about myself, and what I’m doing.

So in your story, people say “how do you think the world will be changed by a painting?”

Watercolor and Pen and Ink Excerpts from Live Lessons ...
I don’t think that’s going to be changed. Even if you look at some of these paintings – they’re not just one painting, they’re different drawings that I’ve made the whole day. This is a painting a couple years ago, which I made myself. For some reason, I’m interested in art to a degree where I really enjoy what I do. Maybe you can go to art school. They’re not even that bad. It’s not hard. You get good grades and you get into a good art school. It’s not that much work. You finish it in a couple of days. It’s a big learning experience. But even with a few good things you have to keep an eye on what’s really going on in the world: what are the conflicts and issues and ideas out there today? What are the trends? What do you see? But these are just things that I’ve seen in my life. I haven’t found a book or a book series that has all of these things for me. And I didn’t find that in art school. It’s still a really important part of art. For me, it wasn’t. You could’t do any serious learning in that.

In your book, you say this:

I used to have an artist’s mind that was very open and analytical, but now, I don’t think that I have one. I don’t think that I’m any different, and if I’m being honest, I don’t think my mind is anything special. It’s fine. But maybe one day I’ll have one or two or three or so. I suppose it

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