Can you take art classes online? – Best Online Art Courses For Beginners


I did my college level courses


I’m going to take some classes I’m not a good student for

Do you think you can do better?

I want to take art classes! I just need to focus on it, no pressure or pressure to do well

In my opinion, I want to do better? Are there any resources you would recommend online?


If the class does well, I can take more or will be assigned the art class that interests me. For other classes that interest me, I need to look to other resources too.

Who should I talk to about being in a relationship: a potential boyfriend, fiancé, or boyfriend?

I want to talk to a guy. I have a boyfriend for now. He’s nice too.

What if I have a boyfriend?

I’m sure you would talk to him…maybe? Maybe he would ask you out on a date? He probably is too old for an 18 year old like me.

Would I be comfortable getting married?

I think I would be comfortable getting married. I wouldn’t want my first husband to get drunk and have sex with an underage girl on our first date and not take it further afterwards.

Can I leave if I’m not sure I really want to be married?


I think I would be comfortable if I left. I could try to get a job, move to a different country, or even get myself a better job, but I feel so comfortable with each other that I don’t need it at the moment.

If you want to get married, are you going to get married after sex?

I want to get married after sex.

If I get married after sex, would I want to get divorced and get remarried, or would I get divorced with remarriage?

I want to get married after sex.

If I get divorced, would I get remarried, or would I get remarried if I left my spouse?

I want to remarry.

If my spouse leaves me, can I get married to a girl I don’t really like?


My husband is from my hometown and they have an open relationship. I really want to be with my boyfriend, though.

If you do get remarried, are you going to stay with

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